A Word About Us

“We ensure you that we will bring the personality of your car back to life”

Apna Car Care is the Surrey’s fastest and largest growing car caring, detailing and styling company which has been providing exclusive car detailing and automotive styling services since its inception. We provide exhaustive detailing services to automobiles and cars through our experienced complete automotive detailing technicians who help you recapture a new car like look for your vehicle every time you visit us. When you visit a car detailing outlet, you always expect more than just the removal of stains and dust or the removal of scratches or dents. When you visit Apna Car Care, we provide you much more than this that not just satisfies but exceeds your expectations. We emphasize on providing you the professional car detail services which focus on defining the unique personality of your car in the most exclusive manner. Our car detailing services comply with the international detailing standards and we use the most advanced technologies and harmless chemicals to give your car a lustrous shine with complete protection against premature wear and tear.

What we do?

Our complete car detailing services range from basic services including interior shampooing and cleaning to auto restoration procedures such as car clay treatment and swirl removal. We not only care for the outer and inner look and protection of your car but also provide comprehensive engine cleaning services as well. We provide engine shine and degreasing services by shampooing and high pressure spraying the engine with a powerful de-greasing solution that loosens up all kinds of grime while removing any grease and oil from the engine.

What makes us unique?

Apna Car Care’s reputation as a detailing shop which truly cares about even the minutest details has made us one of the most trusted car detailing services destination in Surrey for owners of both non-specialty and specialty cars. We also offer mobile services and can reach wherever you want us to, and our fully equipped trucks provide you completely comprehensive services with tent, water, up to the minute equipment, tools & technology and an experienced team to deliver our services.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for reliable providers of superior quality interior and exterior cleaning, restoration and detailing services at cost-efficient prices, then Apna Car Care is the place for you. Whether your requisites are as simple as periodic carpet & upholstery cleaning & detailing or as urgent & important as pre-sale exhaustive detailing, we invite you to experience our services once to feel the difference right in the simplest services.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the most reliable and reputed car detailing service providers by giving our clients unique experience enhanced by latest car detailing technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most reputed name in the car detailing industry by exceeding the expectations of our customers and by delivering the excellence in customer service. Want to know more? Please feel free to Contact Us.