Our Services

Service Type Package For Cars Package For Vans/Pickup
Full Package (Under Coating, Scotch Guard, Rust Proofing, Paint Sealant, Leather Protection, Interior Polish, Engine Polish & Exterior Polish) $950 & up $1050 & up
Full Detailing (Interior Shampoo, Engine Steam, Exterior Polish) $600 & up $700 & up
Inside Shampoo & Outside wash (deeply steam clean inside seats,carpet,roof, dash clean,center console) $170 & up $220 & up
Interior Vacuum & Ext. Wash $50 & up $70 & up
Exterior Wash Only $30 & up $40 & up
Hand Polish $170 & up $220 & up
Power Polish $220 & up $320 & up
Cut Polish $270 & up $370 & up
Under Coating $380 & up $620 & up

Over Spray Removal

Rust and Yellow spot Removal

$400 & up

$370 &up

$500 & up

$470 & up

Engine Steam (Apna car Care is not responsible for over flooding of engine or car not starting after washing) $60 & up
  • $80 & up

Ceramic coating:

Shield the surface of vehicles from UV rays and harmful pollutants and enhance shine to brand new and used vehicles. WE use products with nano technology and SiO Cross linking adhesion.

Corossion and light scratch resistence.

Starting price for new cars – $800 &up

and new Pick Up trucks & SUVs – $1200 &up

Complete Detailing

Whether the interior of your car is infected with day to day mess of kids, or its exterior is tarnished due to light swirl marks or anything else, Apna Car Care’s complete detailing package covering comprehensive interior and exterior detailing help you to recapture the look of the new car while protecting your car’s interiors from premature aging, wear & tear that damages its resale value and appearance.

Our experienced Automotive Interior and Exterior Detailing technicians ensure that car is shampooed and vacuumed properly for removing any grime and stains from inside and perform multi-stage buffing process on its exterior to give it a shiny appearance devoid of any flaws or marks. Our complete car detailing services packages come at a cost efficient price, and we also provide pick and drop services to give you a hassle free car cleaning experience.

“We go much beyond car cleaning with our complete detailing services”

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing and restoration services include obsessive cleaning of every part of the interior of your car to give its every nook and corner the finest appearance complying with our final inspection quality standards. We ensure that your car will look completely new from inside after undergoing our best interior detailing services.

Our interior detailing technicians work at their best to:


  • Shampoo all upholstery and carpet
  • Perform hot water extraction on all upholstery, floor mats and carpet.
  • Clean all the crevices and surfaces using fine detailing brushes, compressed air, specially formulated cleaners and soft cloth.
  • Perform specialty restoration services on dashboard, panels, windows, sunroof, louvers & vents, steering column, seat tracks, head liners, compartment interiors and many more
  • Treat and condition all the leather stuff with PH balanced solution
  • Apply premium interior dressing for enriching the tone of all the surfaces
  • Wipe video screens & navigation delicately to give them a streak free clarity
  • NOTE: Apna Car Care is not responsible for personal items left in car
Exterior Detailing

Apna Car Care’s best Exterior Detailing Services feature finest quality detailing products to restore a new car like shine to your vehicle’s exterior. Our Automotive Exterior detailing technicians are equipped with most advanced equipments, tools, damage free chemicals and the best supplies to give your vehicle the best auto detailing from exterior. We also use the advanced technology of specially formulated & highly effective protection products which protect your vehicle’s exterior quite efficiently.

Our exterior detailing technicians work at their best to:

  • Perform thorough hand wash
  • Perform fallout removal of all the road bugs, sap and tar
  • Treat the trim and tires with premium exterior dressing
  • Perform a multi-stage buffing process for removing all the light & medium scratches
  • Polish and clean the exhaust tips
  • Polish chrome bumpers and wheels
  • Apply durable carnauba wax
  • Clean door jams and inside fuel door
  • Perform engine degreasing and shine (On Request)

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